Sydney Art Pet Portraits

Sydney Art Pet Portraits was established in 2011 by Eastern Suburbs Sydney based artist Tash Lehane and specialises in expressionistic artistic pet portraits on paper; using charcoal, ink and mixed media to capture the essence, energy and spirit of your pet..

The Artist (Tash Lehane)
Tash commenced studies in 1998 at the National Art School, Darlinghurst in drawing and painting under the instruction of prominent Australian artists. Her artworks, including her pet portraits, are noted for their unique style, elegance and energetic marks or brushstrokes. She has developed a style that captures realism, which can also be seen as being abstract, working over the same marks, rubbing back and reworking.

With her natural artistic background and love of animals Tash created some pet portraits for friends in 2011. She thought, with the many pets she so frequently sees and the enjoyment a special pet brings, that there was a market for pet owners to own an expressionistic artistic portrait of their pet. Through her personal experiences, she knows that, like a child, a pet is an important part of our life to be treasured.

It is the spirit of a being, animal or the earth that is the driving force behind her works. She has an ability to connect with the energy in her subject matter whether it be a nude, animal or landscape. Using found natural plant materials like sticks, leaves and dried reeds together with ink and charcoal, she works intuitively, organically and energetically with a freedom that almost seems precarious. With every mark, whether it is deliberate or not, it is an expression of the subject's energy and also the character of the natural drawing material. Rarely will a manufactured paint brush be used, as it lacks life, is not natural and does not feel right.

Tash prefers using tonal colours of brown, black, grey and white which work well with pets as a subject matter. Unlike photographic portraits which can lack energy, her pet portraits are expressionistic and emotive.

The landscape of the home page was created on site at a farm near Gundagai.